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Michael Golden “I believe that music is an essential aspect of being human, and therefore a potentially powerful arena for advancing peace and the development of humanity. I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to teach and learn with these dedicated students, and I am equally grateful for the committed support from this university to fostering the arts in our community, this wonderful Performing Arts Center being one manifestation of that support.”

Michael Golden, DMA
Professor of Music Composition and Theory, Director of Creative Arts

Classes taught:
* Music Composition
* Computer Music
* World Music
* Jazz
* Music and Ecology
* Music and Mind
* Creative Arts Forum
*Core and Learning Clusters

Support the Vision


We Appreciate Your Support

Helping share the arts with students and with the community adds enormous value to everyone’s life.  With your generous support we can build a lasting tradition of artistic excellence and access to all.

Ways to Give:

  • Add a donation to your order when buying tickets
  • Sponsor an educational outreach program for local school children
  • Become an Event or Series sponsor
  • Take advantage of Naming Opportunities

For more information regarding sponsorship and naming opportunities, please contact Linda Kennedy at (949) 480-4072 or

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